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Cash App Scams to Avoid in 2022

Nowadays, Cash App scams are increasingly more common particularly fake Cash App support. Millions of people are using P2P mobile payment services all around the world. This type of service has made it so much easier for people to move money around and make a payment. We have plenty of options, too, such as Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App. These services offer similar benefits with similar ease of use as well.

Among these services, Cash App is one of the most popular services in the US. The interface is simple and easy to use. It also allows users to send and receive money with a click of a button. You can also invest your money in stocks straight from the app.

However, due to the popularity of the Cash App, it has invited unsavory people into the ecosystem. Cash App has been under fire lately due to many reports of fraudulent behavior in the country. If you are a Cash App user, I suggest you learn about some of the most common scams out there. This way, you can be more aware of what’s happening and protect yourself from being a victim.

Fake Cash App Support

Pretending to be Cash App support is one of the most common methods used by scammers. Scammers are pretending to be Cash App support to get users to engage with them and leak their data. Keep in mind that the platform doesn’t have a direct line to their customer service. Therefore, no one should be able to contact you directly like what these scammers have been doing.

First, scammers will try to gain access to your mobile device and steal personal information. Usually, this happens after a user is searching for Cash App’s customer service number on Google. A website appears, but it’s not actually affiliated with Cash App at all.

If you call these fake numbers, you will talk to a scammer who will encourage you to download a screen-sharing app. This way, you will give them access to your phone and steal your personal information under the guise of technical support.

In some cases, the scammers will also ask you for your debit/credit card number, PIN number, or security information. Victims who fell for this would have their personal and account information compromised.

While many of these websites are gone now, new ones will pop up again soon. It’s important to always be aware of these fake websites.

Giveaway Cash App scam

Another popular scam is fake giveaways. The one thing that makes it tricky is the fact that scammers are latching onto real giveaways done by Cash App. For example, the company will host a giveaway event on a social media platform. The winners of this giveaway will receive cash prizes or other items. Scammers will prey on people who have entered the giveaway and pretend to be one of the organizers.

They do this by creating fake accounts on various social media platforms to send private messages to users who have entered the giveaway. They will tell a user that they’ve won a separate giveaway, but there’s a twist. The user will have to send them a small amount of money first to verify their identity and claim the large cash price.

Another method is by sending the user a fake website for them to sign in. Once they put in their credentials, they’ve been unwillingly sharing their data to the scammer. Unfortunately, many people have fallen to this type of scam before, especially during the pandemic.

How to use Cash App safely

Cash App is a convenient platform for sending and receiving money. People want to use it all the time. Therefore it’d be crucial for you to learn how to use it safely.

Only send funds to friends or family

Sending funds through Cash App is easy. However, please keep in mind that scammers are out there trying to steal your money. Considering that sending money via the platform is instant and can’t be cancelled, making an error here is common.

Always double-check the username when trying to send money. If the username is similar but not quite the same, then you should know that you will know the username is fake.

Learn the rules

By rules here, I mean the rules of giveaways or sweepstakes. Official giveaways will never ask for your money or other personal information. If someone sent you a message asking for money or account information, just block and report them.

Cash App support

Again, I want to mention that the company doesn’t have a direct support line. Stay away from websites or people who claim that they are Cash App support. The only for you to contact support is through the mobile app. Click on your profile and go to the tab at the bottom for support to solve your issues.

Protect your personal information

Never give out your personal information to anyone. No one from Cash App is going to ever ask for your personal information for anything. Information such as PIN number, username/password, etc., should be kept private.

Use the security features

Cash App has plenty of security features that keep your account safe. The best one is the PIN or fingerprint that you can use to make transactions. Also, don’t forget to turn on two-factor authentication and link your email and phone number. Once you have everything set up, your account should be safe as long as you don’t leak the information yourself.