A bonus room is basically a room designed specifically to serve its owner’s needs, which may not include amenities like electricity. In other words, when a homeowner wants a bonus room, he or she should plan on spending money to create the room. Bonus rooms are commonly known as “man rooms,” or “bored house rooms.” A bonus room can be any room in the house that is used for whatever the homeowner needs it for. For example, a bonus room might be a spare bedroom converted into a study room, or it could be a basement converted into a music studio, or it could be a living room converted into a home office or a craft area, etc.

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Office Needs to Be a Bonus Room

A bonus room can be designed for any occupant. For instance, the rooms designed for single men are often called “dorm rooms,” because single men have no need for other activities and bedrooms must be used for sleeping discount and bonuses. The rooms designed for married couples are called “joke” or “banana bar” rooms because they usually contain items that are used for relaxation, such as books and radio, and some of them are located within the bedrooms of the married couple. A bonus room can be designed for any occupant because the primary purpose of creating the room is to fulfill the occupant’s needs.

Final Words

In order to use the above-mentioned example of a bonus room to explain why your home office needs to be designed as a bonus room, you need to understand that you, as the homeowner, will have different needs than anyone else living in the house. You’ll probably need a home office with specialized computer work, a place to keep your legal or financial documents, or even a place to keep your child’s art supplies. You will use your bonus room to fill any or all of those needs. You’ll also need a workout room, especially if you’re keeping fitness-minded people like bodybuilders in your house. Finally, you might want to create a guest room so that friends or relatives can use your home office for extra help or personalization.