Are you shopping for the best electric skateboard for your buck? You’re in for quite a ride if so! First and foremost, you want to be guided by a commitment to quality and affordability that extends across the board But when it all comes down to core technical specs, the Evolve Skateboarding Bamboo GTX is by far unrivaled. Let’s take a closer look at its specs, performance, and overall value.

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In many respects, the Evolve Bamboo (aka: Bamboo) is the Evolve Carbon Copies or Swagtron Swagtronng 3.5 in disguise. The best electric skateboard for a number of reasons, but primarily because it has a truly astounding battery life. As long as you can leave your Propellant Cell charging through the night without worry, you will have an amazing amount of riding time, between eight and sixteen hours. But let’s talk about extending that battery life, too.

Buy This Electric Skateboard

When compared to some of the other best electric skateboard brands, such as Boost, this one is leaps and bounds above the rest. Why you should buy this electric skateboard? Because it offers you a turbo boost action, which gives you more traction and increased speed. If you like sliding along the street, then this one is for you. This boost allows you to cut across the pavement at up to 45 mph!

Beyond this important feature, though, it’s a simple matter to extend the life of your board beyond its standard lifespan. If you plan to ride your board off-road a lot, or you like to travel long distances with it, then you know that it is very important to maintain it.

When it comes to the best electric skateboard brands, Boost does the best job of keeping your deck looking good, while prolonging the life of your deck. Boost also makes a great deck protector, as well as a battery case to keep your batteries fresh. In fact, if you plan on taking your Boost Mini X beyond city limits, you might want to consider a case to keep it protected when not in use.

When you go beyond city limits, your battery will begin to lose power. That’s where the boost action comes in to save the day. And it’s the best electric skateboard brand for when you need a little extra juice to get you to where you are going. The boost function will give you the extra juice you need to get your wheels going. One feature you won’t find in any of the other popular brands is a swagtron swagskate, which makes for a unique look and sound.

Final Words

If you’re wondering why you should buy this electric skateboard from Mega Systems, it has to do with the high quality construction. The Mega Swagtron swagskate features a hard wearing build that will last for years. Not only does this feature make for a unique looking deck, but also an effective one. Other features include a high performance braking system and an aluminum frame for maximum durability.

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