The name B&E roofing is taken from the initials of the two names of the companies which are B&E Tiles and B&E roofing oswego il. The companies were established in the 1970s when a couple who worked at NASA needed some cheap roofing materials for their experimental space flight project.

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They created what is now known as B&E roofing as an inexpensive way to do the job. These tiles are made out of old newspaper thin sheets, along with tar paper backing. If you want a roof that can stand up to nature, this may be a good choice of roofing material.

B&E Roofing

If your home has suffered any amount of water damage recently, then you should look at the B&E roofing company in Urbana, Illinois. If your house needs a roof that can stand up against nature as well as the elements, you should consider this company for your needs.

They use only the highest quality materials on any roofs they repair. If you have had some rain or wind damage to your roof lately, then this could be the best company in town for you to work with. They will come out and assess your roof, give you an estimate, and then determine whether or not you need a B&E roof job.

B&E Roofing in Urbana, IL also does work for residential customers as well as commercial clients. They offer a number of different styles of B&E roofing so you will find something that fits into your decor.


This company also offers maintenance-free B&E roofing so there is no worry about hiring a repairman to come out and fix your roof when it is leaking. You can just trust them to give you a price estimate and figure out if you want a roofing job or not.

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