The roofing industry is very competitive and there are many roofing contractors competing for the same business. Because the price of entrance into this industry is relatively low, the market is filled with unscrupulous individuals who aren’t properly trained, and some individuals who are outright dishonest. When evaluating roofing contractors, however, you have to first know your roofing requirements.

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These may include the number of stories, how many layers, what type of flashing and other materials are used in the roof, where it’s located, and what kind of sealant the contractor will use. You also have to know if you want an asphalt shingle, a metal roof, or another type of roofing system. Knowing these things ahead of time helps reduce the amount of time you spend researching different roofing contractors.

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Some homeowners mistakenly think that roofing contractors can also do work on siding or other exterior walls. Though it may seem tempting, these services usually require separate permits fresno roofing contractors. Even if the general contractor can get the job done, there’s a good chance that he won’t be able to install the siding on his own because building codes vary from area to area.

Most roofing contractors specialize in one particular type of project, such as replacing existing windows or repairing a leaky roof. So before he begins any other job, you should let him know what type of siding or exterior wall he’s qualified to work on.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring roofing contractors to do certain jobs. But don’t assume they’re capable of doing everything you want them to without additional help. For example, it would be extremely dangerous to attempt to install a slate roof on your own, so always let the roofing contractor know exactly what you want to be done and make sure he has the equipment to do it. Otherwise, your roof could collapse and cause damage to your home, property, and possessions.

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