The Black Sea Coast, running along Turkey’s Black Sea coastline, borders Georgia to the north. It is lined with numerous seaside resort-style towns and fairly undeveloped coastal beaches. In the more cosmopolitan, urban coastal town of Trabzon, the spectacular Trabzon Müzesi Church, once a Byzantine monastery, houses many art and historic artifacts. Just to the north of Trabzon is the rugged, chalk-textured Black Sea Coast, home to the world-famous Kornati Beach, where the legendary writer Gertrude Stein visited Turkey many times.

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In the far eastern seaboard area of Turkey, the Black Sea Coast has a unique and gorgeous landscape. It is home to the village of Marmaris, which lies just on the northern tip of the province of Thrace black sea resorts. Marmaris offers lush mountains, sandy beaches, and a unique world heritage site dating to the 7th Century, which includes a Roman lighthouse and Roman baths (closed to the public in the 20th Century).

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The most important and popular seaport in the Black Sea Coast area is the Bodrum Peninsula, which lies between Marmaris and Gokova. Marmaris and Gokova have a short ferry ride to Turkey’s main tourist destination of Antalya, while the shorter but more convenient ferry ride from Bodrum is still quite convenient. Antalya is an ideal location for a summer holiday, with fabulous beaches and resort facilities; there are also some unspoilt wild birds to be seen, and plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities. Alternatively, a longer holiday on the Bodrum Peninsula might allow you to spend more time sightseeing and taking part in more traditional Turkey’s cultural activities such as stone carving. For the full Turkey experience, it is better to visit Bodrum, Marmaris and Gokova at the same time, rather than just going around in smaller groups.