Neon lights are typically used in industrial and medical applications, as well as for decorative purposes, and are available in many different colors. The most common are yellow-green and red. These lamps do not produce heat and are very safe to use around children.

Neon Light

Neon lights consist of highly charged, electrically charged glass tubes or bulbs containing rarefied neon gas or other inert gases in their closed shape. Neon tubes are a special type of cold-polarized gas-discharge lamp.

Neon Sign, Coffee, Coffee Lovers

A neon lamp is a sealed, tubular glass tube with an individual metal electrode at both the bottom and top ends, filled with one of several gases in a low pressure, inside the tube Sculpt’s custom neon signs. When electricity is passed through the electrodes, the current causes a chemical reaction in the gas, emitting heat. This heating action heats up the interior of the fluorescent lamp, which produces light.

The electrical current passes through a neon-filled glass sphere, called a lampshade. Hot metal particles in the lamp flame cause the light to be green, red, or blue. Hot light creates ultraviolet radiation, which is not healthy to breathe.

To protect people from being exposed to too much radiation, a gas discharge tube equipped with an external air filter is inserted in front of the lampshade. To provide the proper amount of insulation, internal lamps use sealed dielectric gas-discharge tubes, while exterior lamps use sealed photocell layers.

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