Psychologists are a special class of doctor that specializes in the field of psychology. A psychologist deals with the areas related to mind and behavior. This job requires a great deal of creativity, imagination and an understanding of human behavior. Generally these psychologists hold Master’s degrees in Psychology and they work with patients of all ages.


If you want to work as a psychologist then you should prepare yourself with several subjects like information science, human psychology, statistics, social and experimental sciences. Some of the basic subjects that you may come across in your specialization are Affective Disorders, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, Health Disorders, and Interpersonal Behavior.

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The main aim of a psychologist is to help patients solve their problems by providing them with the best possible tools to get rid of their problems. A psychologist basically gives instructions to a patient in relation to treatment and therapy.

As a psychologist, you may either work individually or in a group environment As a private psychologist, you may have one to two patients at a time, whereas in a group psychologist you will be working with several patients at one time.

There are various areas that are covered under the specialization of a psychologist. A psychologist specializes in a particular field and he may also refer their patients to other doctors. However, the main aim of a psychologist is to help his patient by providing him with the best possible tools to move ahead with his life.

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