If your home is more than ten years old and you have water in the crawl space after heavy rain, then the chances are good that the water has begun to take a foothold in Nampa Idaho. That’s why if your water in crawl space after heavy rain only happens once a year or every five years, you should be checking for mold and mildew – two common issues related to water in the crawl space after heavy rain. If you’re doing your own water damage inspection, make sure you also take a look at any possible water infiltration from the walls and roofs of your home.

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Water In Closet After Heavy Rain

Some cases of water in the crawl space after heavy rain can be remedied by removing some of the wet carpeting or laying new tile on the floor. Other times, the water will just be sitting around in a puddle, which is where mold and mildew are more likely to grow. In those cases, simply removing the water and getting rid of the moisture will solve the problem, but you’ll also need to add water-repellant foam to the floor and walls to protect them from future water damage. (You can buy water-repellant foam for very little money, so it’s a good idea to have a supply of it on hand.)

Final Words

Of course, removing all the water in the crawl space after heavy rain is going to take more work than simply removing the water from one room or area. If the water has spread throughout the house, you’ll probably need to gut the entire building and start from scratch. That said, it’s certainly a lot less expensive and much less time-consuming than getting a professional to do a complete water removal job for you.