The urine color chart is widely used by many people all over the world to get a quick overview of their urine colors. Most urine color charts are developed using neutral shades for the purpose to provide a quick overview of the existing urine color. However, if you have dark urine, you may consider making use of some bolder shades for easier assessment and judgment urine color chart. A lot of people do not really understand why urine becomes darker or why they can get the urge to check their urine frequently. The urine color chart can be used as an effective tool that helps in assessing the basic things that you can do for improving your health and living in a better way.

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Urinary Color Chart

The urine color chart basically adapted for 3 major goals. For pregnant and lactating women, the knowledge and appreciation of this urine color chart has been validated through some specific researches. They found out that pregnant women tend to check their urine often because it changes its color from red to pink and again to the color of black when their pregnancy progresses and the levels of progesterone increase. As progesterone is known as the hormone that primarily helps in maintaining the normal functions of the reproductive system, the coloration of the urine can help them in getting the correct information about the quantity of progesterone in their body. This is very helpful during birth control pills where women have to take the pills in order to regulate the production of hormones.

Final Words

For people who are generally aware about the role of water intake and the role of exercise in improving their overall health, they can make use of the urine color chart in order to monitor the change in the hues of their urine throughout the day. If you stay away from water and exercise instead of engaging in these activities, you should keep an eye on the changes of your urine hues. On the other hand, if you observe that the urine does not turn red at all but stays the same color as before, you can easily conclude that you do not drink enough water and your water intake is low. It is very important to ensure that your general health is not compromised because of low water intake and exercise, or else, you might suffer from other serious diseases, which can be life-threatening.