D’s are the popular initials for deciduous trees, which are also known as “doughnut” trees. You can buy these trees in a variety of shapes, from round to heart shape tree trimming. They are closely knotted and can survive the occasional pruning, but for most of the year, they will need trimming or removal. This is because they are highly susceptible to insects and decay.

silhouette of tree near body of water during beautiful sunset

I’d, like all conifers, have bark that can break off and allow pests to enter their underground tunnels. This makes them susceptible to a variety of pests including wood eating insects, scale insects, aphids, white-flies and to name a few. Aphids, scale insects and white-flies are especially a problem during warm, dry summers. They can cause considerable damage to the bark and leaves, while sucking up the fluids and nutrients from the roots.

D’s are affected by wind, ice, hail and snow so tree removal services are needed on a regular basis. When there is an unexpected frost, tree fall and severe thawing, it is best to call a tree removal service immediately to prevent further damage. A qualified arborist should be able to give you a good estimate of what it will cost to repair, replace and remove the tree. D’s can also suffer from severe “fire” damage, especially if they grow close to a home. This may require cutting them down completely, then rebuilding or replanting.

As mentioned above, d’s are affected by too much moisture. If you have many trees growing in your yard, and they all need trimming or removal, the main culprit is that the root ball deepens over time, creating a perfect environment for fungus growth. Fungus thrives on a moist root ball so cutting them all away can lead to severe decay. You can prevent this by watering your trees at least two times a day during hot, dry weather.

A qualified tree removal service can also help with other problems that can arise in your yard. You might notice a strange fungus growing on some branches, or an unsightly spider web growing around a tree. Many times these problems are easy to fix, but sometimes they require a professional tree removal company. Rust, which looks similar to spider webs, is sometimes mistaken for Spiderman’s web until it grows onto a branch. The rust that forms is actually a symptom of a fungal infection that takes hold because of the moisture that allowed the fungus to grow unchecked.

Final Words

It can be quite difficult to deal with your trees in the winter months. Thinning, removing roots and cutting away diseased or unhealthy parts is only one part of the job. Though the task sounds daunting, hiring a qualified tree removal company can help make the job easier, faster and more efficient. For convenience and peace of mind, you should always hire a tree removal service in your area.