The simple reason behind individual development can be realized in the requirement to comprehend one’s own human wants, together with religious, psychological and social growth, as a failure to comprehend this about an individual’s own self is unthinkable if attempting to comprehend and relate to other human beings in any meaningful manner.

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Personal Development and Training

An Individual’s development could be perceived in many Distinct ways; for example as in Freud’s Psychosexual Development Theory (Marshall, 2004) which appears at phases of sexual development and the frustrations connected to each point, or Havighurst’s Developmental Stages (Sugarman, 1986) and Tasks that describes:

  • Tasks that arise from bodily maturation
  • Tasks that arise from private values
  • Tasks which have their origin at the pressures of society

Or really through some of the different procedures and concepts which were developed, and that might be studied and linked to the demands of a counsellor in training,e.g.:

That would be to name a few, and a few of that will mean more to an individual than to another.

What’s vital is the heart condition of ourselves and other people as individual beings with developmental requirements and developmental constructs, the comprehension of what can be paramount to allowing a true comprehension of the human evolution procedures and the requirements essential so as to work towards living a fulfilled and fulfilled presence for ourselves, and for participating meaningfully with other people working as well.

Someone’s decisions are often influenced by societal structure, by adapting our character to match with the expectations of family, friends and companies; whilst in regard to every other individual, we might act in reaction to our own subconscious and emotionally preoccupied expectations easy solution to unlock a sore back. The individual we’re depends upon our own life experiences and opinions from other people regarding how we inter-relate with these individuals with whom we come into contact, in addition to the physical, cultural and religious worlds where we find ourselves.

If we want to have the ability to relate to other people whose private assemble and developmental processes which have contributed to what they’ve become with any true compassion and congruence, we have to first understand our personal build. In taking responsibility for learning about our own psychological and societal activities, understanding and advancement, we behave responsibly; but enabling our societal construct to create decisions for us can be considered behaving un-authentically.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs takes a premise that after the most fundamental human needs are fulfilled it will become possible to advance through successively more complex levels of demand, to culminate in’self-actualisation’. If we participate in researching this procedure we allow ourselves the chance to develop a connection with one’s self that leads to and empowers the institution of a more understanding relationship with other individuals.

This hierarchy of needs will be based on a humanistic’ strategy and the idea of’self-actualisation’ according to Carl Rogers, who worried self-awareness of the individual, on a conscious level, is the most essential approach to function in understanding behaviour with reference to the inner frame (Rogers, 1961).

Studying Kohlberg’s stages of moral development (Kegan, 1983) helps us to know where someone may have problems if they haven’t undergone such ethical development through the absence of social or cultural contact, or through lack of comprehension.

It’s only by creating our own comprehension of private development concepts and practices which we may build up the skills and techniques to assist others that are experiencing some deficiency of private advancement or any misguided thinking developed through their upbringing.

Hazel Johns in her novel on a private development in counsellor training (Johns, 1996) says what her minimal outline for advancement in counselling should comprise:

To Have Sufficient awareness of individuality to live and flourish in private development and personal associations

To have sufficient self-respect and personal power to Deal with addiction, independence and interdependence

  • To be creative and resourceful
  • To be strong and vulnerable, tender and tough as needed
  • To know and apply skills and theory relevantly to others and themselves
  • To increase in clarity about moral criteria rather than be complacent
  • To Know about their own and many others want for challenge and support
  • To have a Variety of effective Methods of being lonely and in a group

To view and sense relations with a broader society and world; to be political and maintenance about change, nevertheless, they live out that.

I’d take this further and say that these are matters that every educated person needs within an outline for their development so as to be an achievement in any Kind of connection, regardless of if that be private or company based and I’d add to the listing:

  • To communicate clearly
  • To have a Comprehension of the religious
  • To comprehend basic mental health problems and how they influence others and themselves


To understand the linkages between physical, psychological and religious needs

It would be simple to get a non-spiritual individual to dismiss or overlook what might be quite a powerful support or conversely an extremely damaging practice for someone else. Knowing the distinction between on the 1 hand spirituality or religious practices and on the other hand faith and spiritual practices is vital because the first may be extremely supportive and the latter destructive when practices and teachings are both prohibitive or supernatural.

Everybody entering into a working relationship with you has the right to trust you as an expert, in almost any circumstance, to be competent and well enough armed to have the ability to attend to their particular needs, and this puts great demands on the professional’s psychological resources.

Professionals clearly have demands of their own and people attracted to the’helping professions’ tend to be more comfortable giving than getting, therefore it’s very important that we recognise from the beginning that self-awareness, self-motivation, decision and also the ability to consider choices are inherent to the individual state of individuality and transform; hence we want the chance to interact with and concentrate upon these things so as to be completely equipped for almost any function we’re aiming to tackle.