Several members of the IRA have been arrested or detained for their involvement in the recent violence. A report by the Garda intelligence services has named some of the key figures, including the chief strategist, who lives in Derry and is also an active member of Sinn Fein. The other members of the Army Executive reside mostly in the Republic, with only one person in Northern Ireland. Other members have addresses in Dublin, Mayo, Limerick, and Offaly, and there is one woman on the list.

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According to the official website of the IRA, the armed forces are still active and are largely based in Belfast, Dublin, and Derry. The IRA has two large ASUs in these cities. The Northern Command, which was responsible for the London bombings, is currently on standby for any eventualities that arise. This is a key factor in the current armed conflict between the Irish and British governments.

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There are several important locations that will remain under IRA control in the future. West Belfast is an active location for the IRA, while Derry has been a strong center of IRA activity since the early Troubles. Both locations are well-represented in the IRA’s 2020 strategy Irish. A number of Asus are located in Belfast, including the infamous ‘Irishtown’ gang.

The IRA’s leadership will be comprised of both members and non-members of the IRA. The president of Republican Sinn Fein from 2009 to 2018 is believed to be a member of the IRA. Des Dalton was suspended after the interview and will be replaced as the organization’s vice-president. The IRA is not expected to make any announcements about its plans. So far, they are only planning a national conference.

The IRA will have its own headquarters in West Belfast. There are also two large ASUs in Derry City, which is major IRA operations. The IRA’s generals are the supreme authority of the IRA. The IRA is a military-style organization, and in the armed forces, there are no uniforms. However, a large number of members serve on the council of the IRA.

The IRA has been active in West Belfast and Derry for over a century. In the past, the IRA had been the primary source of protests. Despite its success in gaining independence, the IRA has had to deal with an increasingly hostile government. In addition to the armed forces in Northern Ireland, the IRA has also been active in Britain. During the early Troubles, the IRA had two strong Asus in Belfast.

The IRA has no real headquarters in Ireland, but it has a political office. Those in power are known as General Army Convention (GAC), which meets once every two years. This is the supreme authority of the IRA and members of the Army Council are elected at the convention. The IRA will also have its own parliamentary party. Unlike the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the IRA will not be able to govern any part of the country, and its leaders will not have an easy time making decisions.