Many people rent space in a large storage unit when they move into a house. They store their household items like furniture and clothes. You will never need to worry about the condition of these items again if you find them in a local storage facility in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut self storage. Since there are so many storage providers in this area, you can feel free to compare prices and services among several providers before making your decision. You may be able to save money if you choose a company with coupons or special discounts for customers who use their services.

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Finding a local self storage facility in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are not difficult. There are many websites on the Internet that can help you find one quickly. Some websites specialize in storing personal property while others will deliver and pack your items for you. The cost of storing your items may vary from company to company.

Storage Facilities Near Me

In my area, I know several storage providers. I have gotten free quotes from each of them for storage space over the years. I recently compared a few different warehouse facilities near me. Three of the companies that offered the largest amount of storage space were Xeikon, GCI International Storage and Self Storage Guys. GCI offered five hundred square feet of storage space for less than twenty dollars a month. Xeikon offered five hundred square feet of storage for $EFifty a month.

These three storage facilities all had free delivery to my home and gave me two free picks up and delivery orders when I chose to have them pick up my items at my home. GCI’s warehouse was located directly next door to mine. This made it easy for me to go and pick up my belongings whenever I felt like it. The large storage unit cost them almost three hundred dollars a month to warehouse.

The other two companies gave me more freedom in picking where my stuff would go, but they still had to give me a discount to cover the costs of renting their large storage units. They also had slightly better customer service than GCI. GCI’s representatives would call periodically to see how my things were doing, but they never called to make sure that the security features on my stuff were working properly or check on the status of an order I had already placed. The representatives of these other self storage units near me did call once in a while to make sure that my stuff was getting shipped out on time. They were nicer to me than the GCI representatives were and actually helped with making my move easier.

Final Words

So I went with those two storage providers. My possessions were better protected than they had been with GCI. Now I just need to learn how to navigate the self storage system so that my next move doesn’t put me into the same situation. I plan to get some training for that because having the right storage tools can make life a lot easier.