One of the driving lessons offered at Wirral, England is called The Great British Driving School and was created in 1998. The driving school offers lessons that are aimed at making the learner a safe and competent driver. The school has four branches; The Park, The Academy, The Senior center, and The Queen’s Golf Club.

Driving Lessons

The Great British driving school advertises its services on the Internet, through brochures and through referrals from customers who have taken lessons here. All of the above-mentioned advertising channels are used to promote driving lessons in Wirral at different prices.

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The driving lessons offered at this driving school vary according to the time frame taken by the learner. A wide variety of options are available, from short-duration lessons to a highly recommended program that takes around two weeks. Some of the best programs are offered as two-week courses or six-month packages which include all of the required driving courses. It is important to take these courses with fully guided instructions from experienced professionals who can give you expert advice on the subject.

Some of the basic driving knowledge that is taught in this course include the right and left-hand driving techniques. The vehicle safety aspect that is taught includes maintaining a safe distance between the car in front and the one in back, keeping a good braking distance between the car in front and the car behind, and also keeping a safe following distance between the vehicle in front and the one in back Wirral. Some of the safety aspects include checking the brake lights regularly and checking the weather on the road.

During the actual driving lessons, you will be instructed to keep the steering wheel gripped with both hands, step through the gears without taking your foot off the pedal and also keep a proper speed. You will have to keep your eyes on the road and check mirrors often and also indicate when you need to change lanes or adjust the speed of your car.

Most schools that offer driving lessons in Wirral offer the opportunity to purchase either one, two, or three-day passes. Prices for these passes depend on the number of days in a year that you wish to take the course. You can also be able to purchase Hotwheels or challenge coins that can be collected throughout the course that will entitle you to discounts. The amount of discount that you are entitled to be dependent on how many days you wish to be able to collect the coins. If you decide to purchase more than one Hotwheels or challenge coin a certain amount of discount will apply.

When purchasing your driving lessons in Wirral you should ensure that you are purchasing the latest passes available. Some of the courses which are offered may be older, but you will find that many of the newer courses are of a higher standard of quality. When buying the latest ten days of passes, you should enquire about the price of the latest ten day pass. If you are being charged more than the standard price then it may be a good idea to consider switching to another provider.

When looking to take driving lessons in Wirral, it is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices. You will find that there are some companies that are much cheaper than others. You can always get the latest passes and discounts if you purchase online. Most of the larger companies will have an online shop which you can use to purchase your latest passes and discounts. This will help you to save money on your driving lessons in Wirral at very competitive prices.