The latest innovation from Italian designer Rugged Ridge has come to the forefront with the introduction of the Lecker Nano X. This machine may not be as compact or as small as its predecessors but it certainly packs a wallop when it comes to performance. So what sets this apart? Well for starters, it is made of Titanium unlike the previous models, which were made of Copper and Brass.

Larger Model of the Ledger Nano X Cardano

Moreover, this model has a very sleek and polished finish and therefore it looks very smart when teamed up with the classic Black & Decker kitchenware set. The latest version features the company’s new patented Magnetic Lock technology which allows it to lock your knives without damaging the handles.

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For some time now, the company has been producing high-performance kitchenware especially for commercial purposes. There are many good reasons behind this move. First, they have perfected the design by which they can produce extremely smooth and highly durable knives.

Secondly, they have made sure that all their products meet and exceed the international standards and thus consumers are ensured of good and reliable performance always ledger promo code 2021. In addition, they also take great care of the manufacturing process so that it does not compromise on the quality.

The Nano X has some great features to boast of. One of them is the exclusive Magnetic Lock, which ensures that your knives do not get damaged during transportation. Another feature that comes in very useful is the Anti-scratch and Anti-stain feature incorporated in the body of the product.

You can place your order online and the product would be delivered to your doorstep within a very short period. This is one of the major reasons why the old versions of the Ledger Nano X ended up in the back of the cabinet.

With all these things in mind, one would be led to presume that the Leger Nano X was just another ordinary knife when it was first introduced. It was not. In fact, it was one of the most advanced machines of its type and hence it could provide you with precision and durability like no other.

The blade is made up of carbon fiber and hence there is no rusting. In fact, this is the reason why even when the old versions were placed in museums people did not have any qualms about them getting damaged or destroyed.

What is more, the construction is such that it offers great strength to the blade. The new version is also much lighter than the original one due to the use of polycarbonate which greatly reduces weight. The new model is equipped with a special safety lock which has been specifically designed by the company for easy opening of the blades even in case of extreme force being used against it. The lock too can be programmed in such a manner that it becomes impossible to open without a password.

These knives can be personalized as well. There are two models which are available in the market and each of them comes with a customized blade. If you want to personalize your new Nano X, then you need to order the blade with your name engraved at the center or, if you want it totally engraved, you can get it done in any style you wish.

As far as the cutting surface of the blade is concerned, the company is known for its smoothness and this feature is also present in the new version. You can easily use this type of knife for all your daily activities, as it comes with a very ergonomic handle which makes it very comfortable to hold.