Lasco was started in 1965. Things like Lasco soaking baths are exactly what the organization is built on. Apart from bathtubs, Lasco assembles a wide array of toilet-related fittings. Lasco has eight production facilities in the U.S. and their goods represent 25 percent of their tub fixtures located in American homes. Their main market is the brand new home building small soaking tub. Their current catalog shows 58 distinct versions of soaking baths alone.

The tiniest bath available is 54″ long with the maximum coming in at 72″. There is often interest in smallish baths for bathrooms with limited space. It is great to find a business that takes the demands of bigger, taller folks to account too.

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A number of the bathtubs are accessible as soaker or whirlpool baths. Each the bathrooms in the Lasco lineup is made to be built in an alcove or encircle. Currently, they do not seem to provide any free status or walk-in design bathtubs. What they lack walk-in baths they more than compensate for in simple access showers and steam baths.

Most of the soaker baths at the Lasco lineup are either square or oblong in shape. There are different shapes available such as round, bowed, and corner bathrooms, but these contours are in the show which integrates jacuzzis or whirlpools.

Though lots of the baths are a typical thickness, 14″-17″, a few are deep as 23.5″ making for a deeper bathroom. Each of the versions in the Lasco lineup is made to be reclined or partially reclined in. No built-in stools just like you will find in certain kinds of Asian bathrooms.

Lasco provides its bathtubs in five distinct strings. Due to this, there’s a wide assortment of costs for different versions. The series range in the exclusive Radius Series that may contain whirlpools and LEDs into the plainer Builders Choice show in either acrylic or Lascoat.

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