In most cases, when people are asked the question, “How thick is a concrete slab?” in reference to building a foundation for a new building, they assume that the answer will be a multiple-car garage or something along those lines.

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The fact of the matter is, though, that commercial concrete slabs can actually be as thick as two and even three feet in some cases, depending upon the type of floor that is being constructed. In any case, you would not want to find yourself standing on a two-foot slab if you were building a parking lot for your company!

Commercial Concrete Slab

Another question often asked when it comes to the question of how thick is a commercial concrete slab? This question is also answered by people who are actually building homes as well as structures that need to be supported by concrete, such as the base of a foundation or the support of a staircase.

Again, the answer is more related to what you are trying to construct than to the actual thickness of the slab. For instance, if you were building a house, and the building project involved adding an attic, then the question of how thick your slab might be is going to be a little bit different than if you were simply building a garage.

In the case of the garage, obviously the question of how thick is a commercial concrete slab is going to be directly related to the amount of weight that is placed upon the slab. Needless to say, if you are putting a car into the garage, you are going to want a very thick slab. On the other hand, if you were simply placing lumber or other materials onto the garage, you may be able to get away with a smaller slab.

Final Words

Of course, the larger the slab, the more expensive it is going to be, but it will also take up a lot less space, which means that you have more room in your house to put things. When deciding between different types of slabs, keep this question in mind.