The Chicago schools’ Parent Leadership Institute conducts the Covid Test, which is a diagnostic evaluation given to Chicago public school students each year. This assessment is used to help the Chicago school system identify strengths and weaknesses in the classroom so that the Chicago School system can build and maintain strong student networks. Parents who are involved in their child’s educational development should know the value of this test.

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When the test results come in, they should be able to review the data and determine if the child is performing at or above their true potential. Parents who suspect that their child may have an academic problem need to contact the Chicago School system immediately and work with the teachers and educational staff to ensure that the problem is identified and taken care of.

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Parents who want their child to get into the gifted or competitive high school programs in Chicago need to take the Covid test when they first apply to the schools. Even if their child is not one of the top applicants, the test results will still play a big role in the admissions process Binax covid test. Chicago teachers, school counselors, administrative staff, and athletic directors will all look at the test results before accepting the applications for admission. If your child’s results turn out to be below the standard required, do not waste any more time; contact the Chicago Schools immediately to find out what you should do next. It may mean the difference between getting your child into the school or losing his admission to the Chicago Schools.

The Chicago School district is required by law to give parents access to the Covid test database upon their child’s initial enrollment. However, most schools wait until after the test is taken to make this information available to parents. In some schools, data on every test taker is kept in the same database, regardless of the results. That means that you could end up having to wait for the data on one test-taker to show up on another child’s test.