Dorsey Funeral Home in Lake Worth FL will be hosting a very special memorial service for a very special person on Tuesday, April 9th. This is the day that the family of Jeffrey Tilley, who was killed in a car accident while traveling back to Orlando from an extended stay in Florida, will remember him.

Funeral Home

It has been reported that Tilley’s family and friends are planning a celebration in honor of their loved one at the family member’s home in Lake Worth. The family has asked that anyone wanting to help with the arrangements make calls to the funeral home to let them know how much their support means to them and how deeply they are appreciated.

Angel, Stone Angel, Grave, Peaceful

The funeral will begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. at the Lake Worth memorial location funeral homes Lake Worth. A brief memorial tribute will be offered by a member of the family or by a member of the officiating clergy. During this time, the family will have time to share special memories about their loved one.

The family will then be allowed to speak briefly about their deceased friend prior to having the funeral service conducted. Approximately one hour before the service is to begin, family and friends can visit the gravesite in Lake Worth to have an actual burial followed by a cremation.

The entire family and all those attending the service can share special memories about their loved ones. Interment will follow in the visitation room at the Lake Worth Memorial Park. Cremation services will follow at the cemetery in accordance with the wishes of the family.

The entire service will conclude with a viewing of a special video highlighting some of the last moments that both the deceased and his family had together.