Fundraiser candle molds are essential to any candle company for two reasons. First, candle companies need candle holders to display their candles safely and attractively. Second, candle holders add functionality to a fundraiser.

Fundraiser Candle Fragrance

When choosing a fundraiser candle mold, you’ll need to consider these two things: what type of candle do you want your fundraiser to hold (is it a scented candle or unscented candle? ), and how much space can be allocated for the mold itself (by considering the area the candle will be displayed and measuring that area accordingly).

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A very common misconception for most fundraising companies is that only scented candles are “sold out” when they reach their retail value (which they are usually only worth about ten dollars each, although this varies from store to store and product to product).

This is simply not true. If a candle company sells its products at retail value and the demand for a candle drops (which happens quite frequently), the store owner may re-stock the product at the retail value price best candle fundraiser near me. So long as there’s enough demand for the product that candle company can still sell the candle at its retail price, it’s always good business to sell your candles at fundraisers.

A good rule of thumb is to consider your customers’ preferences when choosing your fundraiser’s fragrance. Are they really candle lovers who are likely to buy a candle based on quality and fragrance? Or are they students who need a caffeine buzz every once in a while?

Do they have allergies to traditional candle fragrances, such as vanilla or lavender? Whatever the reason, it’s important to choose a candle scent that matches the type of people who will buy your products: if your customers are mostly male, your choice of fragrance should be masculine; if they’re mostly female, it should be a more subtle, pleasant fragrance.

Once you’ve chosen a fragrance for your fundraiser, your next decision is what type of container to use for it. Usually, fundraisers sold their candles in beautiful tins or jars. However, since most of these containers show dust after just a few uses, they don’t look very appealing, and they’re also a little bit hazardous to the environment.

For instance, soy jars have a reputation for not exploding as often as glass jars, but they do leak chemicals into the jar, which are highly dangerous to the animals that eat the candles. Tins are also not very sanitary, and many times sellers won’t list the contents, so you’ll have to ask the seller whether the candles were mixed with preservatives before purchasing them.

In addition, when selling candles in jars or tins, you have to think about the appearance of your fundraiser products. Jars and tins are very plain, whereas candle pieces that are designed aesthetically attract a higher price. This doesn’t mean, however, that your products should have absolutely no design element whatsoever. If a fundraiser is selling products that are pretty to look at, the crowd will want to pick them up, and will likely increase the number of sales that they see.

Another important factor to consider when selling candle products at your fundraiser is whether or not the fundraiser will be open to all local residents. You don’t want your customers to have to travel long distances in order to buy your candles.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to set up shop in every neighborhood in your community! If the jar or tin can isn’t too big, it may be possible to reuse them for other local businesses, such as hair salons or pottery stores. Once again, the key is to make sure that the fundraiser candle fragrance makes sense in your area; if your customers can’t buy it close to home, chances are they won’t buy it at all!