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End Seals: What Are They?

When you install zippers in your car, several factors must be considered. End seals can help prevent foreign materials from entering the car. These seals come in different types. You can choose from Stainless Steel, Felt, or Medium density open-cell material. These seals are perfect for new installations or retrofitting.

Stainless Steel Zipper End Seals

Zipper end seals are a great way to prevent water from entering a pipeline. They can be used on either concentric or eccentric pipes. They can be fabricated in almost any size to fit any casing. A high-performance adhesive bonds the stainless steel zipper to the rubber sheet. An additional protective strip extends underneath the zipper to prevent damage to the pipe.

Another great benefit of end seals is their flexibility. End seals are much more flexible than link-type sealing blocks. They accommodate any combination of pipe sizes, unlike link-type sealing blocks, which are only effective on concentric profiles. Moreover, end seals can be pulled on and installed during construction or after the carrier line is welded.

They can be easily installed on nominal steel or IPS casing. Since they have a very high degree of flexibility, they can withstand various environmental conditions. They also prevent foreign materials from entering the carrier.

Medium-Density Open-Cell Material

Open-cell medium-density rubber sponges are suitable for various applications, such as cushioning, skid resistance, and general-purpose packing. These seals feature excellent recovery ability and are available in part rolls and full rolls with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Open-cell sponges also have excellent adhesive properties, making them a good choice for die-ejection applications.

Open-cell foam is made from the same ingredients as solid rubber but is blown into a mold under low pressure. The sodium bicarbonate in the blowing agent reacts with the rubber to create air pockets. These air pockets provide low resistance to airflow, sound, and fluids. Open-cell foam is generally soft and springy, returning to its original shape more easily than closed-cell sponges.

Open-cell polyurethane foam is available in 2#, 4#, and 6# densities and can be used for various industrial applications. This type of foam is also resistant to chemical and UV rays.


The special end seals contain a highly resistant glider that acts as a support for the seal. This prevents the seal from deteriorating prematurely. Instead of being molded in injection molds, the glider is printed using patented 3D technology. The glider is made of a unique material that has exceptional sliding properties and adjusts perfectly to the mold roll. This ensures that the seal maintains its integrity even after prolonged use.

Felt end seals are an excellent solution for leaks in packaging applications. Unlike foam and rubber seals, felt end seals are compatible with all types of inks and have a higher seal performance and life level. Although felt end seals tend to dry out after an anilox system flush, they can be extended by applying seal grease. Felt end seals can be manufactured from various materials. They can be made of natural or synthetic materials. Synthetic materials have good chemical resistance. However, they do not offer the high restoring strength of natural rubber.

Stainless Steel Zipper

Zipper end seals are a simple yet effective way to seal a pipe. They offer a tight seal yet are flexible enough to move with the pipe. They can be installed on carrier or casing pipes and can be fabricated to fit any size. The stainless steel zipper is attached to the rubber sheet with a high-performance adhesive, and a protective rubber strip extends under the zipper to prevent damage to the pipe.

Standard pull-on end seals from PSI are an excellent solution for preventing foreign materials from entering or exiting the carrier. They are flexible and easy to install, and their excellent chemical resistance allows them to perform well on various pipe sizes. These seals are available in a wide range of sizes for immediate delivery.