You may not have realized it, but there are many dental clinics accepting Medicaid near me just waiting for my Medicaid to pick them up. If you are like me, then your dental care bills can be overwhelming. I have seen the price of a tooth will skyrocket to $100 or more a tooth at the local drugstore and sometimes that’s just to get a filling.

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The dentist then charges me an arm and a leg for the procedure because they know that I have no choice. That’s why I am asking all those who might qualify for Medicaid to help pay for their dental care – the cheapest way possible without hurting myself or my family.

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What does it mean to me to help people with dental problems? I just mean that I have the financial ability to help them and I want to help the most I can. I recently had a tooth pulled and now have a root canal procedure scheduled for later this month dental services. That’s right, a root canal to fix a cavity that cost me thousands of dollars out of pocket. Now, I will only need to pay $250 to have it all fixed and I’ve been saving that money since high school for something like this.

It doesn’t matter to me that a dental clinic is accepting my Medicaid; all I care about is that they are taking on patients like me. My children could use the same services I’m paying for so they don’t end up in poor homes and I don’t have to worry about a shortage of funds.

I just want them to have clean teeth when I take them to the dentist and hopefully they can avoid getting hurt. I know that I can give something back to the community by paying my fair share so that they can have access to proper dental care. If you are a resident of Ohio, whether you are on Medicaid or not, there are dental clinics accepting your Medicaid.