The small town of St Catharines in the county of County Clare is situated on the east coast of Ireland. There is a main road called Carlingford Lough which connects Carlingford Bay to Ballsbridge and this was the location of the first British naval base in Ireland, in the year 1797. Today St Catharines has a population of around thirteen thousand people and it is a thriving tourist resort. There are many attractions for people who are looking for information and have questions about the place. One of them is the National Computer Museum at the nearby North Circular Quay. It is a one hundred and fifty-year-old British historical treasure and even still retains much of its artifacts.

Society in St Catharines

The other thing worth seeing in St Catharines is the laboratories of the scientists. These are a hundred and twenty-three acres of modern laboratories which have been built especially to house computers.

There are various different types of computers and there is the Silicon Lab which is for the creation of silicon chips and the Mitre Laboratory for the development of the microchip. The facilities are so vast that one can visit the computers during their leisure and get their questions answered by the scientists. People can buy a desktop computer or laptop at the trading station or in the local shops.

Final Words

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