Comparing the Costs: Finding the Right Disability Insurance Plan for Physicians

Disability insurance policies vary in occupation, quality, and monetary perks. Physicians should make it their top priority to sign up for disability insurance. Doctors are one of the most hardworking individuals. And if some injury or disability comes their way, they must be prepared. 

But with so many options, how to make the right decision? You need to compare the policies, the disability insurance cost, and the additional perks they provide. We will walk you through all of the options you choose from. You should look at the requirements and returns and go for the choice that fulfills your demands. Let’s jump into it.

Mass Mutual

If you are looking for a customizable insurance policy, mass mutual is the perfect choice. They offer two customizable options called Radius and Radius Choice. These options can be tailored according to your preferences, the coverage you want, and period perks. 

Physicians commonly anticipate their incomes to rise as they develop in their professions. A fixed disability insurance plan, on the other hand, does not account for this rise in earnings. However, with this insurance policy, you will also receive this benefit.

The prospects of this insurance company are solid, And if you are confused about your choice, rest assured. You can discuss your monetary plans with the company. However, there are some cons as well. They offer a monthly cap of $20,000 which may not sit well with high-paying physicians. They also offer limited help regarding student loans. 


It provides a wide range of sophisticated disability insurance solutions. You can earn their benefits whether you are working or not due to the injury. The one thing that attracts people to this insurance company is the extensive benefits they provide for mental health. They also have complete plans for conditions like brain tumors and heart conditions. 

This company offers a monthly payout of $30,000. It attracts many surgeons and physicians who are earning handsome salaries. However, one downside is the long application process. You will have to wait a lot to get the benefits. The waiting time is the longest when compared to other companies. Despite all these issues, this is the most popular choice among physicians. 


This company is famous for its unique benefits and bonuses that it gives to the people. It has a separate plan for young physicians. The starting income may seem less but it has a lot of potential for growth in the future. You can also discuss the policies with the company and can reach a mutual agreement as well. 

One thing that made it famous in the market is that it offers high disability insurance to female physicians. They follow a gender-neutral policy that gives the female a chance to enjoy equal gains. 

They offer a handsome monthly payout of $35,000. They have a quick and efficient team and the application process is fast.


There are many disability insurance companies in the market. All of them have their policies and benefits. You can discuss your demands with them and see which one suits you. Let us know what your top priority is.