Commercial Loan Truerate Services Review

If you’re shopping for a commercial loan, you may have heard about commercial loan Truerate services. So, who are Truerate services, and how can they help you get the best real estate or business loan and what other services can you expect from them?

We provide all the details about Truerate’s commercial real estate capital markets and investment sales platform in this article, as well as how to secure an easy commercial loan from them to expand your business.

In addition to discussing Truerate’s services targeted at investors, we will also discuss other related topics. Continue reading to learn more.

Who are Truerate Services?

Truerate services is a commercial real estate capital market and investment sales portal. It simplifies and speeds up the debt and equity placement process for investors by connecting them with financing for their projects.

It was established by Olive Tree Holdings in 2020 and employs financial and investment experts with 50+ years of experience. Capital markets and investment sales are among the company’s primary activities.

Dan Gorczycki, a veteran of the industry, is the managing director of Truerate services and is responsible for the company’s development and expansion strategy.

Commercial Loan Truerate Services

Commercial real estate properties can be financed and invested in through Truerate services. In addition to this, lenders can also benefit from Truerate services by utilising them to support the construction and investment in commercial real estate properties. Commercial loan Truerate services can help secure commercial loans for investors which is important in today’s market.

Here are some of the main services provided by Truerate:

1 – Debt Financing

A business can be financed using debt or capital. Investors can provide working capital or capital expenditures through Truerate. Truerate brokers act as intermediaries.

2 – Equity Placement

An equity placement is a capital raising technique in which a company receives much needed funds in exchange for stocks. Because equity investors do not require the company to repay the money they provided as part of the investment, they now own a percentage of the company, and they will see returns as the firm grows.

3 – Investment sales

In regards to Truerate services investment sales, owners get to benefit from real-time market commercial real estate market movements. This in order to determine the real estate asset’s true market value. This is beneficial because owners are ensured of getting the right value for their asset based on current market conditions.

Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services

A business can use this type of loan to raise capital from investors. A commercial mortgage debt instrument can help a business to finance debt. Also, it can build more commercial real estate assets, grow, make capital expenditures, and other things.

To acquire a commercial mortgage, a borrower must use his or her commercial real estate assets such as offices, warehouses, shopping centres, and other commercial assets. A commercial mortgage must be paid in addition to the loan amount, and like most loans, it comes with interest.

TrueRate provides commercial real estate capital markets and investment sales services. This will help you acquire a commercial mortgage that rights your business.

What Makes TrueRate Services Different?

Commercial loan Truerate services provides assistance in discovering the perfect debt for clients, combining experience and technology. Because they do all the work, the input period is virtually nonexistent for business owners or investors seeking a commercial loan.

Below are a few qualities that make Truerate services different from competition:

Technology– The use of real-time market data at Truerate helps maximize returns.

Experience – They’ve spent over 50 years in commercial real estate finance, capital markets, and loan industry, and we promise to put that experience to good use.

Skilled Advisors – Truerate Capital Markets team members are experienced in capital markets and can therefore provide competent guidance in this area.

What You Should Know About Commercial Loans

A commercial loan, also known as a business loan, is a financial instrument that can be used to finance a variety of business expenses, such as startup costs, expansion costs, equipment purchases, and more. Commercial loans can be used to finance a variety of business expenses.

The three types of commercial loans are term loans, lines of credit, and SBA loans. A commercial loan is one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Therefore, it is important to do your research to find the right loan for your business.

Each loan has different terms and conditions, so it is critical to do your research.

Commercial Loan Eligibility at Truerate

In order to quality and be eligible for Commercial loan Truetrate services, certain requirements must be met.

Age Applicant: 21- 65

Age of Business: Minimum 5 years (Private or Public Company / Sole-proprietorship)

Documents Required

The follow documents are required as proof you are who you say you are to apply for a loan.

Identity – Passport, Driving License or Voter ID.

Address – Passport or utility bill

Business – Income tax returns or bank statement

Commercial Loans vs Traditional loans

Commercial loans and traditional loans are fairly distinct, and you should be aware of them before choosing which type of loan to take out for your enterprise. The following are some of the key distinctions:


Commercial loans are typically given to businesses for specific purposes, such as purchasing commercial real estate or equipment. Traditional loans, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of purposes.

Interest Rate

You must be prepared to pay higher interest rates on commercial loans than on traditional loans.

Repayment Term

A commercial loan usually requires you to repay the loan more quickly than a traditional loan, which usually has longer repayment terms. A traditional loan, on the other hand, typically gives you more time to repay the loan.

What is a Commercial Loan Marketplace?

An online platform that connects businesses seeking to invest in commercial loans with investors seeking to purchase or invest in them is a new kind of commercial loan marketplace.

The platform or broker collects interest and principal payments and delivers them to the investors after deducting their fees.

What to Consider Before Taking Out a Loan?

When seeking a loan whether as a consumer or a business, you must assess your eligibility and get the best deal by considering the following:

Consider your Income and Expenses

It is important to know how much you earn and how much you spend, so you can estimate how much credit you can take without missing payments.

Calculate Total Amount You Can Borrow

Using an online loan calculator to determine how much money you require can assist you determine your income and expenditure. You can also utilise an online loan calculator to determine how much money you require.

Shop Around

Before deciding where to borrow, look around and consider important factors such as rates, terms, and other things that might be best for you.

Commercial Loan Truerate Services Contact Information

Official Website can be found here.

Address: 780 Third Avenue, Suite 4100, New York, NY, 10017, USA.

Phone Number: (914) 229-2010


Commercial loan Truerate services can help you gain access to additional capital to keep your company growing or expand by offering capital market experience and know-how. The Truerate team can connect buyers and sellers and make certain that each leaves satisfied.

It is important to understand that not all brokers are free, their services come at a price. Get in touch with TrueRate services for information on their pricing and services.