If you have a plan for a bike trip to Ladakh then the first thing that would probably comes to your mind would be; which is the best bike for Ladakh trip(https://www.ladakh-tourism.net/leh-ladakh-bike-trip)? And you would be picturing yourself on a heavy bike with roaring sound on the roads of Ladakh. Or if you own a bike then you would be wondering whether your bike is fit for the trip or not? Well the answer is simple. Let me explain: If you own a bike then it is the best bike for your road trip to Ladakh. But you might need to take a few factors into account, but in the end, everything depends on you and the bike you own.

1. Off-road ability

Since bike trips in Leh Ladakh are mostly off-road trips, riders ride mostly in hilly terrain, water currents, and rough or bad road conditions, so off-road ability or ground clearance was always the best first choice for a rider bicycle.

Vw, Beetle, Car, Classic Car, Forest

2. Engine power and efficiency

Powerful bikes with higher engine power are rated higher than those with lower power.

3. Reliability

If your bike is not reliable then you should consider renting a bike for Ladakh bike trip. As, the road to Ladakh are rough and bumpy and an unreliable bike on these challenging terrain would be a bad choice.

If the Ladakh bike trip you are planning is in Ladakh and you want to rent the bike in Leh, then you don’t have to bother with the question about the best bike for Ladakh trip. Because the bikes they rent in Ladakh are all efficient enough to do the job.

Not long ago, if anyone mentioned riding a bike to Ladakh, they would only think of Royal Enfield/bullet roaring in the chilling air of Ladakh road. Having a powerful bike to conquer these rough terrains has its own advantage. But again, any bike can do the job taking into account the bike condition, its maintenance, luggage, pillion rider, wind shield and other required gears. There are riders who complete these journey on a 100 cc bike or even a scotty, but well maintained.

The undeniable fact is that owning a more powerful motorcycle and a more powerful engine will undoubtedly bring advantages. If so, it will definitely improve. Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc is considered to be the best bike for Leh Ladakh bike trip. The bigger engine means more power, which also means the ride will be smoother, especially on steep slopes. But at the same time, this does not mean that a light motorcycle is not reliable. If your motorcycle is in good condition, and you know how to ride a motorcycle, you can take it anywhere.

Once you have decided which bike to ride for the trip, then it’s time backpack and Setout on this thrilling Ladakh bike trip. The winding roads of Ladakh is on the wish list of every travel enthusiast bike riders. The arid region is popular for its unique landscapes and amazing roads best fit for a bike ride.