As a class B driving instructor, you will be working with students to develop the skills needed to operate single-unit vehicles. Your training will be based on the current grading system. The instructors with older grades will have a different grade. You can ask about their grades. Some instructors have published their grades online. If you’re not sure of your instructor’s grading system, you can request to see it.

Class B Driving Instructor

Before you decide to become a Class B driving instructor, you’ll need a CDL permit. This will allow you to drive a commercial vehicle.

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You’ll need a permit to drive commercial vehicles. The state requires a CDL permit and a Driving Instructor Training Course to earn a CDL. Once you’ve acquired the permit, you’ll need to take the Road Test and the written test.

As a class B driving instructor, you will also teach students how to drive individually. The job of a driving instructor is very varied. You’ll work with students to learn how to use the steering wheel, how to park and reverse. You’ll also be required to help students pass the practical test Driving Schools East London. To be a Class B driving instructor, you’ll need to complete three exams. One of them is the Approved Driver License (ADI).