It’s easy to become disenchanted with Battle Robot, the computer game that draws a lot of its appeal from the very names of the robots it pits against. These names are used as references to the game in question and can often be considered a poor rip-off of the robots created by science fiction author Robert E. Howard.

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The similarity was first pointed out when one of the animated Battle Robot Name Generator came to life and began to attack an airfield in Cold War action in the Vietnam era. Since then it has become something of an icon of cheesy cyber warfare fiction.

Battle Robot Name Generator

But there is hope! That’s right, there is a Battle Robot Name Generator! Basically, all you have to do is enter a term into the Battle Robot Name Generator and it will spit out a possible name for your robot. For instance, if you enter “Alpha Zytronic” then the Battle Robot Name Generator will pick out something appropriate. And because it’s all generated using simple terms and not derived from any specific science fiction source, it should be safe to assume that any potential names that come up are indeed legitimate and from actual robot names.

But how do you use such a tool?

Simple, simply put in a battle robot name that you think is cool, or that fits in with your own terminology. And since it’s all generated by software anyway (with no real reference), you can change your mind if the name is too ridiculous and no one really wants it. And if the name is taken, no harm was done, just go with something else.