The deficiency of health insurance policy for more than 41 million Americans is among the country’s most pressing issues. While most older Americans have coverage through Medicare and almost two-thirds of all non-elderly Americans get medical care through employer-sponsored plans, lots of employees and their households remain uninsured because their employer doesn’t provide coverage or they can’t afford the price of coverage. Consequently, millions of Americans without medical insurance policy confront adverse health effects due to delayed or foregone healthcare and expanding coverage to the uninsured is now a federal priority. -(Info removed from

Health Insurance Crisis In America

We’ve become a vicious cycle during the past couple of decades where health insurance premiums are now too expensive for even a middle-class household to manage. This consequently leads to the inability of the prosecution to pay medical expenses which oftentimes leads to the fiscal ruins of their household, and consequently leads to the continuing reduction of income from the health care community, which then drives the price of health expenses greater, ultimately biking back into the insurer which then has to induce the premiums of health insurance greater to help pay the increasing cost of healthcare.

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A number of these suggestions have great things, but in addition to whatever good things they attract, they also bring big downfalls cyber insurance. For example; a socialized national medical care plan would remove the demand for health insurance together and the price would be obtained by taxation, which in concept does not look like a lousy idea. On the other hand, the downfalls for the system include a shortage in fresh physicians keen to get in the field on account of the inevitable drop in earnings while the requirement would grow because of no personal obligation.

In summary, if folks did not need to fret about deductibles or copays who would ordinarily prevent the individual from seeking medical care for minor matters, they’d only go to the doctor each time they had an ache or pain. So today we’ve to wait for lines for individuals with major health issues since everybody is scheduling a consultation while at precisely the exact same time we’re losing physicians because of insufficient incentive.

The present battle cry from the republican Bush government would be to drive HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) which decrease premium by choosing a less costly high deductible medical insurance plan with a tax-deferred savings account which earns a little interest on the negative which you donate to along with your premiums every month. Any money withdrawn in the savings account for qualified medical expenses are accepted”tax-free”, and with no flex spending account just like a lot of men and women are acquainted with in company-based programs, you do not lose the money that you put in the accounts which you don’t utilize.

Fundamentally if you never found some of that cash in the savings accounts you might withdrawal or roll it over into a different vehicle as soon as you flip 62 1/2 penalty-free for use for retirement. This is a feasible solution for some folks, nevertheless for all of the premiums for those programs continue to be too pricey, and the issue remains that in the event that you require major treatment from the first couple of years of this coverage you won’t have a large enough sum from the savings account to help pay the openings leaving that individual accountable for a big part of the price out of pocket.

We come to what I think is among the biggest issues from a medical insurance broker’s standpoint, which is the inability of individuals using preexisting health conditions to attain policy. By the number of individuals who contact my office trying to find a health insurance policy, I would need to state about half of these have a health condition which will either cause an insurer declining that person program, or lead to an amendment rider that essentially excludes coverage for any claims associated with this condition. A good example of a state that I encounter regularly is hypertension or higher blood pressure.

This condition will occasionally lead to a company decreasing a program altogether if additional variables are included, but most commonly lead to a change exclusion rider. Think about the simple fact that my dad had a dual by-pass operation lately that finished up with the last charge of about $150,000. This entire amount would have been required to come from pocket had he had a gas driver on his medical insurance plan, and of course the extra price of two months from work thrown into the mixture.

So what how can we fix this issue? Of course the suggestions so far have been flawed from the start, and even though one of those plans gained support by the American public odds are it might never be passed to legislation only as a result of political infighting. 1 side wants to maintain healthcare privatized while another wants to interact it, and as we discussed earlier have upsides and downsides. It appears that we’re doomed on this problem and there are not any real thoughts or mild in the of this tunnel right? Not, allow me to inform you about a customer I had in my office a year or two back.

A young girl came in needing to compare health insurance programs to see whether there were any choices for her or his loved ones. She had several kids and was around Title 19 Medicaid and was going to school covered by the state. Clearly she couldn’t manage 5 or 6 hundred bucks per month for a strategy so that she moved back into the help office and explained her position. They ended up with us to discover an acceptable private medical insurance program and reimbursed her to get a proportion of the price that I did not even know was possible!

That got me thinking, think about how a lot more people would have the ability to receive coverage if they are reimbursed from the government a portion of the premium in accordance with their earnings. As an example let us say that the authorities decided that a 3 person family with a yearly income of $25,000 is reimbursed 50 percent of the premium taking the true cost to your household to $225 a month. This is currently a cheap enough premium for your family to think about.

I really don’t feel it would cost the taxpayers more an here is why I think this: First off we’d bring down considerably the number of uninsured people who are not able to cover the medical care that they receive ahead driving down the entire cost of healthcare. Second, the number of individuals who are forced into bankruptcy and pushed into Medicaid Title 19 aid as a result of medical bills coming from catastrophic health conditions that don’t have medical insurance policy could be significantly decreased. It is very important to keep in mind considering that after somebody is on Medicaid they’re getting healthcare essentially 100% insured by the authorities so there’s not any more incentive to never look for therapy for minimal or non-existing ailments.

On the reverse side many states that could have yet to be captured before they became acute because a person did not seek treatment because not having insurance policy would be captured before they turned into a devastating claim. In the end, if the government allocated a specific quantity of cash to help pay claims from people who have preexisting conditions that the private insurance firms could eliminate exceptions and declines because of existing health issues, this is already done is a few countries like the HIPIOWA Iowa Comprehensive Plans that ensures Iowa residents that may not obtain coverage everywhere.

You might be sitting there thinking this is just wishful thinking and these thoughts could never be executed, but all these ideas are already being executed. The challenge is that just some nations do some applications rather than most health insurance brokers understand that some very low-income households may get reimbursed for medical insurance premiums. If those programs were standardized and place into effect on a federal well-publicized degree I feel it would put 1 hell of a dent in the uninsured people in this nation.

I do not pretend to understand what the payoff amounts ought to be for exactly what income levels but I do understand that anything is far better than nothing, and in my own estimation that is the best middle earth we can find. The Democrats will be contented with the socialized facet of their settlement, along with the republicans must be pleased that healthcare remains privatized providing this option a much better opportunity at a by-partisan funding.

I’ve faxed this notion to many senators and congressmen but consistently obtained the identical sort of standard response about how they’re concerned with healthcare and they are working hard to obtain a solution knowing full well that nobody actually read my letters. If sufficient buzz is generated than those thoughts would find the thought they deserve, and when enough folks just like you and I needed a remedy to be found than maybe enough anxiety can be set on the politicians to do something.

The amount of uninsured Americans is just likely to move up, the price of healthcare is simply likely to move up, and the price of medical insurance premiums are just likely to move up if a thing is not done today! Until then the one thing which I as a medical insurance agent can do is to compare each of the choices out there and give you the lesser of each the evils, which is a lot of instances the alternative that’s selected is your biggest evil of moving without coverage.

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