In Charleston, WV the locals like to serve up Manna meal replacement, Charly, BBQ Ribs, or any other scrumptious fare using Manna Meal as the main ingredient. This is also known as Charly, Cheeseburgers, or BBQ Ribs. In addition to that, it is fun to eat and makes for a great conversation starter among friends and family. I have been to many BBQ Ribs or Manna Meals in Charleston and here are some tips and tricks on how to make it.

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First, you need to pick out your meats. I typically go for pork, chicken, turkey, or beef. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you marinate the meat overnight. Most of the time you can marinate for as long as four hours, but overnight is optimal.

Meal For BBQ Ribs Near Me

After the meat has been soaked overnight in water, drain it and then add salt to the water. This will help draw out all the juices from the meat. The next day you will want to mix your seasonings together and apply them to the meat. You can either do this by hand with your spatula or in a food processor.

For each individual dish you will be adding a seasonings mixture to the food. However, on some dishes you may not have seasonings, such as Manna Meal. This is alright because often times there are enough juices in the food to counteract the spices in the meal. Once you are done applying the seasonings to the meats you will then want to wrap them individually in paper foil.

Now that you have wrapped the food, allow it to dry thoroughly. To dry it properly, you will want to put it in a baking pan and turn it over every couple of hours so that the food will dry completely. During the first couple of hours it will likely get a little soggy. However, after this period of time the food will dry nicely.

Final Words

To finish up your Manna Meal Charleston, you will want to pop the whole thing in the oven at the recommended temperature. Once the entire meal has baked, pull it out of the oven and give it a nice clean surface. Now serve up the Manna Meal to everyone. Make sure that they get a big helping because it’s a big help to the guests. You could also have leftover Manna Meal add to your next meal. This is a delicious meal that everyone should experience.

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