About Roofers Marketing. Roofers Marketing Co. is an independent full-service marketing service that specializes in roofing contractor marketing nationally. Owners/operators of the company, which also has its own online website, have seen steady growth over the last three years. In fact, their client base has consistently grown through the addition of new residential customers in recent times. They are now seeing the highest demand for residential roofers ever before.

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History Of Roofers Marketing

When it comes to advertising their services, roofers marketing, as it is called by the company, has evolved into a highly sophisticated internet marketing campaign CinchLocal. The company has gone out of its way to establishing a strong online presence through websites such as its own, along with numerous blog sites, article directories, business directories, and client referral sites. They have also invested in digital radio and satellite radio stations to increase awareness of their services as well as their business. The company’s goal is to connect with potential clients through these various media and build a strong customer base nationwide.

Final Words

Another tool in the roofer’s marketing arsenal is their own publications, as well as the more traditional hard copy versions. These publications are widely distributed throughout the country in major metropolitan areas and specialty townships. Along with regular newspaper business inserts, these publications are also available via fax, direct mail, online downloads, as well as television broadcasting. The company also promotes itself through various roofing trade shows, including national and regional ones, as well as college and professional school seminars on the subject.