One thing that can make or break your vacation is the quality of the accommodations you choose. With a wide range of family friendly motorhomes to choose from, it can be confusing to sift through the choices to find the best fit for you and your family.


Fortunately, by taking the time to consider your needs and the features you are most interested in, you can easily find the perfect family-friendly motorhome. Here are the 10 top family-friendly motorhomes available today:

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The top family-friendly motorhomes in this poll were those manufactured by Roper Rhodes, which has long been a fixture on the RV market source. Roper Rhodes offers a wide range of Class A motorhomes for sale, including many with en-suite bathrooms and kitchen areas, among other luxury features. With an emphasis on safety and reliability, Roper Rhodes also builds some of the most comfortable Class B motorhomes available.

Class B motorhomes are smaller, usually equipped with amenities such as air conditioning or small appliances, however, they offer more room and are much less expensive than Class A motorhomes. If the price is an issue for you, however, check out the many affordable Class B RVs that Roper Rhodes manufactures.

Another brand well worth considering is Intrepid Resorts. While it’s true that Intrepid Resorts only built recreational vehicles, the company has long been making family friendly motorhomes and other travel trailers. The company has also been responsible for helping develop the recreational vehicle industry with their innovative designs and patented technologies. In addition to the top-rated Intrepid Resorts and its top-notch family friendly motorhomes, you’ll also want to check out their top-of-the-line campers and travel trailers.

The fourth and final brand worth mentioning is Fleetwood Mac. Although the company doesn’t build actual motorhomes, their truck camper offers plenty of storage space and transport. The fleet camper offers the best of both worlds, because you can tow a boat and still have room in your garage for other accessories, as well. These motorhomes offer both room for a boat and a camper, allowing you to get where you’re going without having to worry about your boat not being big enough. Even better, many models come with full hookups for electricity and gas.

The fifth and final family friendly motorhomes to check out are from Moab and Wilsonville. Both Moab and Wilsonville offer luxurious Class A motorhomes and camper combos that are comparable to the top-end Class B RVs. They also offer plenty of storage space and a range of amenities. However, it’s Moab that is well-known for being family friendly; their campgrounds are family friendly and their showers and toilets are warm and comfortable. If you want a family friendly RV, then consider a Moab RV.

When you are ready to start looking, start by looking at the top-ranked motorhomes. From there, you’ll find the rest of the top performers. You’ll find that each one offers something unique that you’ll love, whether it’s a pool a kitchenette, or even a study. With so much to choose from, you’ll be able to find the RV that suits your needs and your family’s needs. Then, simply take it out on the trails and enjoy yourself!